The Hudson River Craft Beer Festival takes over Riverfront Park in Beacon on Saturday, Sept. 20. The event will feature over 50 local breweries, hundreds of beer offerings and delicious food from some of the Hudson Valley's most popular eateries.

You could be center stage at the Hudson Valley's best craft beer festival without paying the general admission charge by joining our Brew Crew. Brew Crew volunteers will assist with pouring and educate visitors on the microbrews they're sampling. (And you'll also get to partake in some samples yourself.)

You can sign up to volunteer right now, but if you need more convincing, read our top five reasons to join the Brew Crew below.

  • 1

    Get Into the Hudson Valley's Best Craft Beer Festival Free

    Sure to be an unforgettable day for craft beer lovers, the Hudson River Craft Beer Festival brings 50 breweries together and their wide variety of microbrew offerings.

    As a volunteer, you'll save yourself the $45 general admission price and get access to the festival for free.

  • 2

    Impress Your Beer Snob Friends With Your Microbrew Knowledge

    The breweries will give you a crash course on the beers you'll be pouring so that you can educate festival visitors about what they're sampling when they come up to the booth.

    Impress your beer snob friends with your new-found microbrew knowledge.

    Anna Gontarek-Janicka, ThinkStock
  • 3

    Free Grub

    We'll provide volunteers with free food.

    In addition, you'll be surrounded by some of the Hudson Valley's best food offerings, including Elias Texas BBQ, Ku Ya Restaurant and Tito Santana Taqueria, among others.

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  • 4

    Hang Out With Your Favorite Radio Personalities

    WPDH, WRRV, The Wolf and Mix 97 are proud sponsors of the Hudson River Craft Beer Festival. You'll get a chance to hang out with our radio personalities and Townsquare Media - Hudson Valley, NY staff.

  • 5

    We're Not Responsible if Women Rip Your Clothes Off

    While we can't guarantee that becoming a member of the Brew Crew will make male volunteers popular with the ladies, we can say that your predecessors have been subject to some handsy-ness.