This is Lou George, I work weekends here on Mix 97.7 and do the occasional fill-in for Mark Bolger in the morning.  I like many were fans of the work of Comedian/Actor Robin Williams who died on Monday August 11th from asphyxiation.  Unfortunately some well known public figures have put in their two cents and have said that Robin's apparent suicide was a selfish act, and it is making me sick.

Fox News TV Anchor Shepard Smith called Robins "A Coward" for taking his own life and leaving his family and friends behind, just hours after the announcement of his death.   Actor Todd Bridges took to Twitter just moments after the news of Williams' passing hit the web, calling the alleged suicide "a very selfish act." Both have since apologized but to me the damage has already been done.  Rush Limbaugh on his syndicated radio show said Williams died  because unhappiness is an attitude of the political left.  The leftist attitude is "one of pessimism and darkness, sadness -- they're never happy, are they?" Limbaugh said on Tuesday's broadcast of his radio show. "They're always angry about something. No matter what they get, they're always angry."

In an interview with, Gene Simmons of Kiss, lashed out and said: "Drug addicts  and alcoholics are always 'the world is a harsh place.' My mother was in a  concentration camp in Nazi Germany, I don't want to hear f--k all about 'the  world is a harsh place.'  "And for a putz, 20-year-old kid to say, 'I'm depressed, I live in Seattle',  f--k you, then kill yourself."  He said this before Williams had killed himself but these comments were made public immediately after Robin's death.

This is totally unacceptable, I don't care if they have apologized or in Limbaugh's case the next day wanted to "clarify" what he meant.  We know what these people meant, they wrote it and spoke it on radio and television   First off, what ever happened to respecting the dead and their family?  And another note, these people are not experts when it comes to depression and suicide.  I am not as well but unfortunately a suicide of a friend who sat next to me in math class in high school when I was in 10th grade at Goshen High School made me understand suicide and depression a lot clearer.  It is a disease and sometimes like Robin and my friend at high school it is a demon that just cannot be treated.  I still think of her today and what she could of done with her life if things were different and she was mentally healthy.

As I conclude I will quote my mother Frances who is one of the wisest people I know, "If you have nothing to say good about anyone don't say it at all".  Twitter and Facebook are the most dangerous places you can let your emotions be known.  Think before you type in this case or in Shepard Smith's case think really hard before you give your opinion, it could come back to haunt you!