Father's Day is fast approaching and if you haven't already gotten dear ole Dad his gift, what's a child to do? When I was growing up, I always seemed to give my father a tie or a shirt. He never complained, and sometimes even wore them. Today there are so many creative gift items out there, but today we're going to look at some that may not be such a good idea.

  1. Meggings. I think I laughed out loud when I saw a picture of a man wearing these...but then again, it does kinda remind me of those spandex tights David Lee Roth wore in the old Van Halen videos. Ladies, you may have a pair of leggings or even jeggings, but if you're considering Meggings for Dad, you probably ought to think again.
  2. Bikini Swimwear. While this may be sexy on your hubby or boyfriend, nobody really wants to see your dad wearing a bikini on the beach this summer.
  3. Knight Sweatshirt. Inspired perhaps by the "Game of Thrones" series, this might look like fun at the Renaissance Faire at Sterling Forest, but how practical is it? It looks like a suit of armor with a helmet attached, only in sweatshirt material. Ehhh, maybe want to rethink this one too.
  4. Wearable Sleeping Bag, or for that matter, anything resembling a footie pajama. The idea behind the sleeping bag is that Dad can sleep well no matter where he lies! As for the footie PJs, who wants to see Dad lounging around in those?
  5. Other Novelty Clothing. Forget those golf socks, devil undies, or even t-shirts that say "World's Best Dad". Altho with the latter, he probably would wear it just for you at least once.
  6. Useless Gadgets. I always thought these were kinda fun, but it turns out lots of men don't appreciate receiving the latest hi-tech (or low-tech, as the case may be) gifts.
  7. The Singing Trout. I believe there was a fast food commercial that had the singing trout in it, and if your dad likes to fish, maybe it seems like it would be a fun conversation piece, perhaps not so much.
  8. Novelty Car Accessories. Skip the fuzzy dice, the Batman icons, even Spiderman for that matter, and anything else that he really has no use for. I have a friend who is obsessed with the X-Men, yet even he wouldn't have a keychain with them on it.
  9. Re-gifts. You know what these are...those things someone gave you for Christmas maybe, or your birthday, or even your own celebration of Father's Day. Chances are if you didn't want it, neither will he.
  10. Personal Hygiene Products. I always thought cologne was a safe gift for Dad too, but it turns out most men would prefer to pick their own scent, unless their spouse does it for them. Nail clippers, razors, etc...they all fall under this category. I bought my brother his favorite cologne this past Christmas, and he could not have looked any less thrilled.

Okay, so what's a person to do now??? Think about something your Dad would really appreciate. If he's a golfer, check out our special offer for the Hudson Valley Golf Card, which you can find on our start page. If he loves baseball, take him to a ball game. If he's into watching movies, maybe consider a new blu-ray player. Maybe he'd like a trip down the Hudson River with Hudson River Cruises. You get the idea...let's hope Father's Day will be memorable, in a good way, this year for your dad and for you.