The popular business cable channel CNBC Friday morning had a topic discussion on CEO's who are "gay" and the pressures that they have in the workplace   As you can imagine the topic with the panel didn't go too smoothly

New York Times columnist Jim Stewart was a guest on the panel discussing the mysteries of why chief executives in Corporate America aren't outing themselves left and right. He has a new column -- with the very New York Timesy headline "Among Gay CEOs, The Pressure To Conform" -- about former BP CEO John Browne, who has only discussed his own sexuality after retirement.

Stewart, who is openly gay, said that he was surprised that the CEOs he talked to for the column -- didn't want to go on the record to talk about their experience. At which point CNBC anchor Simon Hobbs brought up the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook...

As you can see it was an awkward television moment.  Plus Mr. Cook has not said anything about his "sexuality" to any media member, but does it really matter anymore, this is the 21st century we are living in.  There are so many things have changed our culture in America and really around the world.  I think things would be bad for Mr. Cook if he came out and said to the public that he was a Microsoft PC user!