Nope, this isn't an onion article. I didn't even realize their chips weren't female friendly.

The day after Doritos straight fire (literally) Super Bowl ad, the bigwigs at Doritos, owned by PepsiCo, revealed their plans to save women from the snacking world. Lady friendly Doritos won't crunch as much or leave the infamous cheese dust on your fingers. Pepsi is claiming that research backs up the idea that women don't like to crunch loudly or lick their fingers.

I for one, LOVE the cheese dust. Let's be honest, that chemical dust is the real flavor on Doritos. Without it, they're just corn chips. As for the crunch, who cares?

PepsiCo really is killing it with the tone-deaf campaigns. Remember Kendall Jenner's commercial where she approached SWAT police with a Pepsi can as a solution to racism?

If anything, PepsiCo should have said the chips are quieter and cleaner, not female-friendly. I bet there are guys out there who don't like the mess or the noise.

Bottom line, PepsiCo needs to get a new marketing team.