Gas prices continue to increase, gaining an average of three cents nationwide to $3.70 a gallon over the last week according to AAA‘s Fuel Gauge Report. It is an increase of $0.16 compared to last month, and is $0.19 more than it was at the same time last year. $3.70 may seem high to you, but in some other areas of the USA, it is worse. In the golden state of California an average gas price is $4.25 a gallon, although they are the only state in the lower 48 which is currently paying more than $4.00 a gallon right now.  In the Hudson Valley the average is around $3.77 a gallon although the closer you are to I-84 or I-87 it is a bit more. Gas will continue to rise as we head into the peak summer driving season and we'll be at $4 before you know it!   You can go to and shop around for the cheapest gas deal near you before you head out on the roads.  Keep tires properly inflated, use cruise control on the highway if nobody is in front of you, and reducing the weight of your car by emptying out unnecessary stuff in your trunk are some tips on reducing gas consumption