I was very sad to hear the other day this will be the final year that Hess Gas Stations across America will be carrying the Hess Toy Truck line.  Hess Gas Stations were sold this week to Marathon Petroleum Corporation and will be changing the names of the stations near the end of the year.  This will be the 50th anniversary of the Hess Toy Truck that usually comes out right around the Thanksgiving weekend.  In the past they have released coined bnck trucks, mini vans, fire engines, even a space shuttle theme.

The slight good news is that we can still get the Hess Toy Truck in the future as the company announced that the 2015 model and beyond will be sold exclusively online thru hess.  But it saddens me a bit that what many kids and their parents looked forward to, going to the Hess Gas Station and getting the toy truck, will now be a thing of the past.