As I'm sure I've mentioned before, I'm a pop culture fanatic. Especially when it comes to television shows. How I Met Your Mother came to an end last night after 9 successful seasons and the final reveal of who the Mother is, as well as some heartbreaking break-ups and additions to the gang. I might have shed a tear or two, and by two I mean I cried for a good five minutes.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched last night episode, I suggest you go watch it and then come back and finish reading.

Here's the breakdown of significant events and when I cried:

  • Ted finally reveals that the Mother is Tracy, or the bass player from the wedding band at Barney and Robin's wedding. Tracy and Ted go on to get married, only for Tracy to fall ill and pass away after 10 years of being together. (Estimated Time of Tears: 1 minute)
  • Barney and Robin get a divorce. (Estimated Time of Tears: 30 seconds)
  • Marshall and Lilly move out of the apartment. Robin tells Lilly, things will never be the same, not like it was in their 20's and then takes off for her new job ( I didn't cry at this point, I did, however, become overwhelmed with a fear that I would end up like Robin).
  • Barney becomes a father. We don't meet the mother, she's referred to as #31. At first he's devastated that his "Clooney years" are over. The baby is born and the second Barney meets his daughter, he's a changed man (Estimated Time of tears: 2 minutes and 30 seconds)
  • If you haven't seen an episode of HIMYM, every episode is introduced with future Ted telling his two children, the story of how he met their Mom. It turns out that it has been a handful of years since Tracy passed away and Ted is asking if it's okay for him to date "Aunt Robin." The kids give the A-okay and Ted shows up at Robin's apartment with the blue horn. (Estimated Time of Tears: 1 minute).

I for one, did not see that coming. I thought the ship of Ted and Robin had sailed, so I actually enjoyed most of the series finale.  A lot of folks were upset that we were given the run around of finding out who the mother was for nine season, just to have her taken away in a very quick "she got sick and died" story line. I do see where they're coming from. It was wrapped up very quickly, they could of gave her a deeper back story.