Surprisingly, we've seen barely any snow in the Hudson Valley. The last major snowfall was in April. I am kind of missing all the fun winter festivities that are always had in the snow.

Lucky for us, I found out how to make snow at home, school or, like me, at work.

You'll need two ingredients: baking soda and conditioner. I recommend white conditioner because no one likes yellow snow. I used your everyday baking soda and Suave Coconut scented conditioner.

Simply combine a half cup of conditioner and two cups of the baking soda and BAM, instant snow!

I tested the "snow" out to see how it held up to regular snow tests. Check out this video where I pelt Rick Knight with fake snow snowballs.

As much as the snow looked like real snow, the consistency was goopy. I'm blaming that on our eye-ball measurements, instead of exact. Mark and I are no scientists, let's be real here.

Do you know the secret to making fake snow?

Bonus Video