You may have heard about this Chinese space station that is falling and crashing into the earth?  Did you see something in the Earth’s sky on Sunday night?  The Tiangong 1 space station is or was hurtling towards us at 17,000 mph and is or was expected to enter the earth’s atmosphere Sunday evening.

What impact will this have on the Hudson Valley?

Well, yes, the Hudson Valley was in the impact zone.  To be fair, so was most of the United States, South America, Southern Europe, Australia, Africa and China.  Don’t worry our friends to the north, Canada, Russia and Northern Europe were sparred.

Is there really anything to worry about?

According to the report by News Channel 4 in NYC, not really.  Most of the craft should burn up when it enters the atmosphere.   Think of this as about the size of a bus, only about 10 percent will likely survive reentry.  Let’s break it down this way, the chances of any one person being hit by debris is less than one in a trillion.

By chance, I run across what I think is debris from the Chinese space craft?

The experts do warn about touching or inhaling any of it.  It’s possible a substance known as hydrazine may survive the reentry process.  It’s highly toxic and corrosive, so stay away.  Trust me, you won’t see any babies, wrapped in a blanket with S, coming out of this debris.