I was born and raised in the Hudson Valley. But I'm from the Orange and Ulster County side of the river. Specifically, Montgomery. When I joined the station everyone told me I had to go to Rossi's Deli for lunch.

So today, as I sit at my desk wondering what I want for lunch, I come to the conclusion that I should finally try Rossi's. I'm online looking at their menu and checking out all their options and make the choice to go. You can watch me eat my first Rossi's sandwich ever here.

When I get there it's totally packed, as I was told to expect. The line moves quickly, I get my food and I am out the door back to the station. When I get back, I tell everyone I went to Rossi's for the first time and they're all asking what I got. Roasted turkey with American cheese on a club roll was my order. Everyone stares in shock and said that I did Rossi's totally wrong.

What do you think I should've ordered?