Mark and I played the game that's sweeping the nation: Bean-Boozle. You might have seen it out during the holidays. Created by Jelly Belly, Bean-Boozle isn't for the weak stomached.

Bean-Boozle is when you have a pack of jelly beans that have two of the same color, but with two different flavors. So if you have two white jelly beans, one will taste like coconut, the other will taste like spoiled milk. Mark and I tried four different bean colors, watch us suffer the consequences of Bean-Boozled above.

We tried green, blue, brown, and speckled tan colored beans. We think the green was lawn clippings or lime. The blue was toothpaste or berry blue. Brown was either chocolate pudding or dog food. And last but not least, the speckled tan was peach or barf.

I hate jelly beans as it is, so even if I got the 'good' flavor, I wasn't going to enjoy it.