Newburgh City Schools are using a new system to help identify and report bullying in the school district.  Now the produce for reporting bullying has been moved to an online portal.  Besides giving parents and students a way to file a report anonymously, it also helps to comply with New York State Law.

A report done by Spectrum News, shows a student named Mason who is having trouble at school from a bully and he has reported it to his teachers.  That hasn’t helped because his friends make fun of him for doing that.  Mason’s parents say it’s because they can figure how which has made the compliant.

The new program is called DASA Incident Reporter.  The DASA, stands for Dignity for All Students Act.  With this software, students and adults can fill out fields, about the incident.  Where did it happen, which students were involved and which school should be contacted.  The program works on smartphones and tables.  It also encourages photos and videos to be uploaded as evidence for the report.