Just when you think winter is over, another major storm hits. A nor'easter is expected to develop by Friday and affect parts of the Hudson Valley.

The Weather Channel is calling for a major nor'easter to develop off the East coast. But unlike most nor'easters, we'll actually see more rain than snow. So much rain that flooding is expected, as well as coastal erosion.

The storm consists of the snow in the mid-west and major rains in the south, according to the article. With the recent split of the polar vortex, the three combine to make another major storm that will affect the North East.

Expect wind gusts in the Hudson Valley to reach 40 MPH and a rain-ice mix of precipitation. The closer you are to the East coast, the worse the storm will be, wind and rain wise. As you get more inland on the East, expect more snow than rain, and not as much wind.

The Weather Channel also warns of tree and structure damage due to the intense winds. They also warn of power outages.