Stefanie MÃÂüller

When you want a specific breed of dog and you go to a registered AKC breeder, you think that all of the dogs are not only in good health, but are treated well and humanely. While there are many great and caring breeders, unfortunately there are some that don't live up to the same standards.

Over this past weekend, the Ulster County SPCA and New York State Police acting under a search warrant, searched an AKC registered breeder in Gardiner and discovered five dogs being kept in horrific conditions. According to the Daily Freeman, the owner is facing animal cruelty charges. According to the Ulster County SPCA's Facebook page, the ages of the dogs ranged from 13 to 3 and were AKC Shelties.

As a result of this awful discovery, Ulster County Executive Mike Hein is renewing his call for the Ulster County Legislature to immediately pass a responsible pet breeders law. According to the Office of the County Executive, Mr. Hein proposed such a bill last July, but was blocked by some Legislators in committee which prevented the bill to go to the floor to be voted upon.

The breeders law was part of Ulster County Executive Mike Hein’s comprehensive animal abuse prevention initiative which also included the creation of an anti-animal abuse task force, an animal abuse registry, anti-tethering law, pet sheltering for victims of domestic violence, humane feral cat program and the county-wide dog park in New Paltz.