When I joined Mark Bolger on the Mix morning show, not only did I get a new job, but I also got a desk. This desk had leftover paper clips, half used pens, and one of my new favorite random objects.

I was blessed with a 10-pack of magic confetti bags in this desk. Am I the luckiest person ever or what? And yes, all 10 of them were in the package. So of course, I had to get everyone together to blow them up.

While I was hoping for a great building wide confetti explosion, I only got 4 other people to help me out. Rick Knight; Bobby Welber, the news reporter in the morning; Valerie, our promotions director; and Smitty, from our sister station WPDH, were all excited to blow up some confetti. And when I say excited, I mean confused about why I was asking them to do to this.

You can watch to see the great time we had blowing up this confetti. I promise it was a blast! Who doesn't love blowing stuff up?