If you don't want to go out for Valentine's Day this year, I have three great ideas for at home wine tastings to make you feel the love.

I totally get not wanting to go out for Valentine's Day. Every place is always booked up, the service anywhere always sucks, and it's just not romantic when you're being rushed/crammed into a space. So why not celebrate at home? There's a ton of different things to do at home, but one of my favorite things to do is an at-home wine tasting. And not just a wine tasting, but a wine pairing.

All you need is some wine glasses, a platter/serving tray for the pairing items, and some fun cocktail napkins (because who doesn't love those?). It's even cuter/more fun if you make little labels for whatever foods you're pairing with the wines.

The Hudson Valley has an amazing selection of local wineries, so definitely shop local if you can! I know imported wines are fancy and fabulous, but you can get a great wine selection here. My personal favorites are Whitecliff's Red Trail Red, Robibero's The Stray, and Benmarl's Blanc de Blanc 2012 sparkling white.

Here are some great pairing ideas:

Wine and Girl Scout Cookies
Yep, you read that right. How can it get any better than that? The cab sauv with Tagalongs is AMAZING. Trust me, I know cookies and wine.

Wine and Cheese
A classic, a staple, everyone's favorite. I love a good hard cheese with sparkling white wine.

Wine and Chocolate
A little sweeter than the savory wine and cheese pairing, but again a classic! If you're looking to get some local chocolates, I have a full list of all the chocolate shops in the Hudson Valley.