Thursday, September 13, 2018, is the New York Primary election.

Millions of people don't vote every year, it's a proven fact. I get it, even as someone who votes every chance I get. If you are on the side of not voting, I assume these are the 5 reasons why you didn't vote in the 2018 New York Primary.

1. Your voice will be heard, and you're too shy for that. 
Having your opinions and choices be heard is some serious pressure. Not everyone wants to write their political beliefs on a secret piece of paper that will never be publicized!

2. Your complaints about whatever is going on in New York after the election will hold water, and you don't want that kind of responsibility. 
It's a lot easier to complain about something when you have absolutely no investment in whatever it is.

3. It's not like your work, health, education, or any other life aspect will be affected. 
It's not like your lifestyle will be affected. Taxes obviously affect none of us, nor do healthcare laws or access to education. If it was important stuff, I'd tell you to vote, but who cares about retirement?

4. It affects other people, and who cares about anyone but themselves?
Helping people is so 2017. It's not like these other people are your neighbors, friends, coworkers, or just human beings.

5. You'll actually have to care about something
Caring is overrated, it's so much easier to be lazy and ignorant of the world around you.