Poor Zac Efron! The 'That Awkward Moment' star can't eat solid food while he recovers from a broken jaw, so he's resorted to drinking soup through a straw until he recovers.

Efron's pal, choreographer and director Adam Shankman, has been hanging out with the star and helping him get his fill of liquified food.

"I have been at his house every day and I have been making him soup. He has been drinking it through his straw," Shankman told Us Weekly. "He has to eat through a straw on a syringe. It's horrible!"

Shankman added that he's been making a lot of said soup from scratch using Vitamix, one of which was a "beautiful cream of asparagus." He explained, "He's like my little brother, has been since 'Hairspray.' So I talk to him like a little brother, which means I give him a lot of s---."

So how did Efron break his jaw to begin with? Shankman won't give too many details, but he does note that it's not scandalous. "He has always been a klutz. This is like a perfect Zac move." Rumor has it he slipped in a puddle of water in his pad and fell hard. Poor guy!

Still, he points out that Efron is a trooper about the whole thing. "He's in great sprits. He’s just like, 'Oww. It hurts.'"

Aww! Get well soon, Zefron!