Wedding etiquette is important to know this time of year. I thought this rule was a no brainer.

We've answered those RSVP cards. We've bought cards, new ties, shoes and maybe even a new dress. We're in the thick of wedding season. Are you allowed to wear a white dress to a wedding?

Put yourself in a bride's position. It's your special day and you've dropped just over $1,000 on a dress and that's on the more inexpensive side. You rightfully assume that you're going to be the only woman there in white. Then your cousin Jackie shows up in a shiny white dress and upstages you. Is it appropriate? Is it tacky?

"You don't show up to a wedding in a white dress. It's an unspoken rule."

A woman is currently being blasted on social media for showing up to a wedding in white? Did she miss the memo? Maybe these rules need to be written down?

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