Audible was born in Dutchess County and got the lucky spot.

A horse born in Pine Plains that is running in the Kentucky Derby this Saturday, May 5 has gotten the coveted #5 spot. According to CBS Sports, Audible has the fifth post which has been lucky for horses in the past. Ten champions have come out of gate 5 and 21 have won money from that gate. Only gates 2 and 10 have had more winners out of their gates than 5.

Audible is sponsored by Amazon because that is the name of their audiobook company. He recently won the Florida Derby. Audible will be wearing Amazon's Audible logo during the Kentucky Derby this weekend.

According to CBS Sports, Audible has pretty good odds right now. They report that the odds can only go up from here. CBS Sports reports Audible as having 13-2 odds.

Currently, Justify is the favorite to win the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. Audible's odds puts them at 4th.