A new Monopoly game celebrating women has been revealed by Hasbro.

The Washington Post reports that Ms. Monopoly is the new version of the classic board game Monopoly. Hasbro created this version to celebrate women and the inventions and innovations that were created by women, but are often forgotten or a woman's contributions were left out of history. Inventions like WiFi, bulletproof vests, chocolate chip cookies, and modern shapewear for women.


Not only does this game celebrate women, but it actually gives women the advantages that many men enjoy in real life. According to the Washington Post, women are paid more in Ms. Monopoly than men. Women start with $1,900 and men begin with $1,500. This is to symbolize the wage gap between genders. Even when passing go women will receive $240 as opposed to men getting $200. Don't worry, if you're not looking to have a difference in pay, Hasbro says you can have both men and women start with the same amount of money and have no pay differences.

Ms. Monopoly can be pre-ordered at Walmart starting September 10, 2019, according to the Washington Post.

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