If you’re wondering why today is so symbolic, get ready!  It’s the perfect excuse to indulge and treat yourself to ice cream, HAPPY NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY! July is actually National Ice Cream Month which means we have to make up for any lost time, right now!

There isn’t a better time to have National Ice Cream Month and celebrate this day, than in the middle of summer during the heat wave! It’s the ideal time to cool off and grab this tasty treat!  Summer wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t visit our local ice cream stand; it simply wouldn’t be the same. But on a serious note, WHERE did ice cream even come from? I’ve got you, so hold on tight!

According to Food Historians, Ancient China is known for coming up with the first ice cream, throwing it back to 3000 BC (blowing my mind right now).

In addition to China, Italy then fell in love with this delicious creation when Marco Polo introduced it and invented there in the 18th century! If you’re wondering how French style ice cream came about, we can simply thank the French for that!

Ice cream lovers should also praise President Ronald Regan since he was the one who declared July as National Ice Cream Month 1984 (Thank you, President!) He made the third Sunday of July as National Ice Cream Day.

There’s someone else we shouldn’t forget along the way, shoutout to Augustus Jackson as well. He worked as a cook at the White House and remembered as the “Father of Ice Cream” (imagine having that title)! He came up with special ice cream recipes.

Today, we thankfully have tons of ice cream options. It’s always so hard to choose when ice cream bars, sandwiches, popsicles, sundaes, floats and even sodas are listed up for us to indulge in. Ice cream allows us to also choose from milkshakes and even parfaits! (We all scream for ice cream!)

Anyone that has a diet restriction, I’ve got you covered. Some local ice cream stands do have vegan and fat free selections.

In addition to America’s iconic dessert and different flavors, we can’t forget about the toppings! From sprinkles to cookie crumbles and even special sauces to top off this perfect concoction, where do we even begin? The final question, do you prefer your savory dessert in a cup or a cone? (I’m making you think real hard).

Making ice cream is a pretty sweet process and fairly simple. To start, it would need sweet cream or custard, followed by cooling it down with ice. It’s said that the cooler the cream then more solid the outcome.

Stand alone ice cream stands are very unique and super important to local businesses and towns. I’ve gone to different states where ice cream stands don’t even exist (I’m serious.) Remember to support local businesses today and every day. There’s also a specific hashtag for today, #nationalicecreamday

Where can you find local stands in the Hudson Valley? You already know I’ve got you covered for this special day, enjoy!


Columbia County

Valley Harvest Ice Cream & Grill, Germantown

Village Scoop Hand Crafted Ice Cream,  Hillsdale
Dutchess County

Artic Smash,  Poughkeepsie

Zoe’s Ice Cream Barn ,Lagrangeville

Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill, Wappingers Falls

Green County

Cone E Island, Catskill

Sweet Side Ice Cream, Coxsackie


Orange County

Duffy’s and Richards, Montgomery

Frostee Freeze, Walden

Trackside Creamery, Maybrook

What’s the Scoop and Trailside Treats Creamery, Goshen

Hometown Ice Cream and Grill and Thorndale Dairy Barn, Pine Bush

Bellvale Farms Creamery, Warwick

Twin Cone,  Bloomingburg

Weir’s Ice Cream, Salisbury Mills

Beacon Creamery and Ron’s Ice Cream, Beacon

Dairy Island, Newburgh

Family Farm Ice Cream and Zoghby’s Blueberry Mountain Ice Cream, Middletown


Rockland County

Nanuet Creamery & Crepes, Nanuet

King Kone, Pearl River

Sweet Guy Ice Cream Co., Congers

The Cone Zone, West Nyack


Ulster County

Mickey’s igloo (Vegan ice cream), Kingston

The Jolly Cow, Lake Katrine

Frozen Caboose Ice Cream, Highland

Huguenot Creamery and Twistee Cone, New Paltz

Alleyway Ice Cream and Mickey’s Igloo 3, Saugerties

Nancy’s Of Woodstock Artisanal Creamery and Sweet Dreams Organic Ice Cream, Woodstock

Jillian’s Ice Cream , Ellenville

Nana’s Ice Cream and Grill,  Hyde Park


Westchester County 

Bona Bona Ice Cream ,Port Chester

Penny Lick Ice Cream ,Hastings-On-Hudson

Lighthouse Ice Cream Co ,Tarrytown

The Hudson Creamery ,Peeksill


SO.. What’s your favorite? What about, Cookie dough, Mint chocolate chip, or even Vanilla, Strawberry, Choc?

How do you like it served up? Why not add sprinkles, choc syrup, whipped cream or my favorite, PEANUT BUTTER! Drop a comment below of what you love to get and where you enjoy this tasty treat in the Hudson Valley!