Taylor learned the hard way how to not throw a keg.

It's me, I'm Taylor. I was at Hudson Valley Cider Fest this past weekend, on Saturday, June 4. At the festival, my friends, or the hard cider, convinced me to participate in the keg toss. Now let me say, I threw the keg after the competition because I did not need that kind of embarrassment. Here's what I learned from my keg toss experience:

1. Do not wear a dress.

I shouldn't have to explain this, but I was the dope wearing a sundress while throwing a keg. It's highly possible the wind got the best of me.

2. Do not have people take pictures.

As you can see from the pictures below, they're not flattering. I've seen pictures of other people throwing them and they look so cool. But that was not the case for me so I say skip the pictures. Maybe go for a video instead.

3. Throw it up NOT behind you.

Yep, you guessed it, I learned this from experience. The point of the keg toss is to throw it behind you over a wooden pole placed about 20 feet off the ground, or higher. I, however, decided it would be best to throw it directly behind me. It definitely was not best.

4. Be able to laugh at yourself

After all this ridiculousness I had gone through, I was still able to laugh at myself and enjoy it. Did I think I would be the next keg tossing champion? No. But did I think I would at least be decent? Also, no. The point of a keg toss is to have fun!

So that's my two cents for what to do for a keg toss. I'm clearly no expert. Enjoy this embarrassing picture of me mid-keg throw.