There's a secret to picking the best March Madness bracket.

I know nothing about basketball. Actually, that's a lie. I know the rules, the objective, and I can dribble. But what I don't know is college basketball. I don't know what team is better than others or who is the underdog. I can't tell you the blood type of the Duke head coach and I certainly don't know who is the favorite to win March Madness.

But what I do know, is what school names sound fun. That's it, that's my secret. I pick who I think will win a game based on what name I like best. Now if you're making a bracket with big money at stake, based on my secret, my dear child I am so sorry. Please do not. But if you're just looking to make one for fun, my secret is the way to pick the perfect bracket.

Here are my picks for March Madness 2019: