A menu item available at Dutchess Stadium is nominated for best in the country.

MiLB.com, the official website of Minor League Baseball is asking fans to vote for their favorite stadium food in the country. The "Food Fight" competition started last month and wraps up on May 17.

Local minor league team, The Hudson Valley Renegades, have been nominated for their Southern Hudson Comfort sandwich. The unique dish is described as a Belgian waffle baked with scallions, bacon and cheddar. The waffle is generously topped with chicken tenders, crispy bacon, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and finished off with a honey bourbon BBQ sauce.

The dish sounds incredible and is currently in 12th place behind some other truly innovated menu items including a hot dog burrito, Cracker Jack crusted chicken, a grilled cheese bacon burger and something called "The Squealer" which looks like pork on pork topped with some more pork.

Currently in first place is the "Lava Rock Fire and Ice" from the Round Rock Express in Texas. The dish includes beef tenderloin, shrimp, asparagus and shiitake mushrooms delivered on a frozen marble slab and then grilled "a la minute" on a volcanic lava rock. Sure sounds fancy, but hometown pride makes me think the Renegades still have a shot.

Voting ends on Tuesday, so if you'd like to help out the Renegades, visit the official Food Fight website and vote for the Southern Hudson Comfort sandwich. Who knows, we may be able to push it over the top.