Kylie Jenner released her famous lip kits in 2015.

So I know I'm SUPER late to the game, the game being the Kylie Lip Kit, but honestly, I didn't want to buy in the hype. But here I am, roughly 4 years later, buying into the hype. If you don't know, a Kylie Lip Kit contains a lip gloss, whether it's an actual gloss, matte, velvet, or another finish, and a matching lip liner. You can purchase a Kylie Lip Kit at (honestly, why didn't she name it Kylie Kosmetics?) or at Ulta stores.

The main thing that made me take the plunge to buy a Kylie Lip Kit was that they were sold at Ulta stores starting Fall 2018, because I didn't want to pay for shipping. Only select colors are sold in stores. After swatching some colors on my wrist, I decided on the Koko K Lip Kit. It's described as a matte pale pink on the website. I'm pretty fair skinned so this was a great pinky-nude for my complexion.

The packaging says to line and fill in your lips with the lip liner, then to apply one coat of the gloss. I did as instructions said, and I knew from following Kylie on Instagram (yea I do it, judge me) that if you want the Kylie lip, you should over line a little bit. So I did just that. The liner went on really smooth and filled in nicely. After that, I went ahead and put on the matte gloss. One swipe of the brush didn't cover my lips, so I will admit to doing more than just one coat, but I tried to keep it minimal since I heard the matte gets weird if it's too caked on. I loved having the matching liner because I feel that when I put lipstick on without liner it looks weird. I even woke up the next morning, after forgetting to take off my makeup, and the lip was still on perfectly, even after a night of drinking. Here's a picture of my initial application, a pinky-nude just like I wanted!

Taylor Dickson

Overall, I am a Kylie Lip Kit supporter. My only tip would be to moisturize your lips if you're using a matte formula, with a Vasoline or chapstick, because the matte is drying. But if you've been wondering how it is, it's great. Plus, it definitely helps to be able to swatch colors in store at Ulta.

Koko K Kylie Lip Kit rating: 5/5 stars!