As we wrap up spring-like weather for the Hudson Valley, people are wondering if the cold weather is done for good.

Let me just say, I'm no meteorologist, so I'm really just speculating here. For the week of March 10, we had some beautiful weather in the Hudson Valley. Temperatures hit 71 on Friday, March 15, 2019. Most people are wondering: is spring officially here?

Well, hopefully. According to, there is no winter type weather in the forecast for the next ten days. Now I know a lot of weather changes, and winter weather, can develop past ten days, but this is the information I have to work with.

The forecast from goes out to Friday, March 29, 2019. Temperatures from now to March 29 are predicted to be in the mid 40s, mid 50s, and even low 60s. It's a mix of sun, clouds, and rain for the next couple of weeks.

If I were a betting person, which I kind of am, I'd say spring is here to stay in the Hudson Valley. (Watch, we'll probably get a blizzard now that I said that).

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