The Kingston City Bus system gets a federal review, and things look pretty good. The bus system, known as Citibus was reviewed by the Federal Transit Administration. Mayor Steve Nobel told the Daily Freeman this was a review, not an audit. The report covered 2014 to 2017.

Overall, the agency found no significant systemic problems with the service, according to the Daily Freeman. The report found no deficiencies in 10 of the 17 areas that the transit administration looks at. An example of one of the deficiencies found was Triennial Review. The City of Kingston should have held a public hearing when it decided to lower the bus fares. Other deficiencies were in maintenance scheduling, compliance with the Americans with Disabilities ACT and drugs/alcohol policy.

There has been talk for over two years about a merger between the Ulster County and Kingston City Bus systems. There have been no resolutions brought before the common council, so for now it’s just been talk. Nobel told the Daily Freeman he feels it’s a good idea. Right now, the bus system is budgeted to be funded by the City of Kingston. The Mayor also said the deficiencies pointed out in the report are being addressed.