It was a cold weekend in the Hudson Valley, most certainly not what spring should feel like. Sunday was cold and a bit breezy too. What a great day to go fly a kite. These three kids did fly kites they got for Easter.

Take a look at the video above. The wind was quite strong around 7pm Sunday night when the sun started to set.  In the film, you'll see a Barbie kite and Transformers kite.  The shape of the Barbie kite made it easier to fly, the other kite was a bit harder to fly by design.

In the picture, shot earlier in the day, you'll see the wind wasn't as strong.  They had trouble keeping the kites in the air. Ben featured in this shot was on top of the swing set, trying to launch another kite. Not something we recommend kids do, but getting the kite a bit higher does help to catch the wind. It also helps to have property without a lot of trees around, because it's pretty easy to get the kite string caught.