Another parking story from the Village of New Paltz.  The village is considering using an app to help control the parking meters.  It’s called The Whoosh! App.  Already being used in the City of Kingston.  New Paltz will first try it on the SUNY campus, according to an article in the New Paltz Times.

The current parking meters in the Village of New Paltz are mechanical, and very expensive to change parking amounts.  If you overlay the Whoosh! App, it would allow users to receive notices about the status of their parking meter.  From a user’s phone they can add money to the parking meter.  The app using the current location of the user when they make the first payment for the meter to determine the spot they are using. Enforcement officers also be able to use the system to verify who’s paid and who hasn’t using their existing handheld devices.

The Mayor says, once the system can also help provide flexible pricing options, like discounts to village residents.