Yes, you read that right: Post Malone was spotted in the Hudson Valley.

Post Malone is a famous rapper. He's known for his songs like Better NowCongratulations, and Wow. Don't know the songs but know the name? He's the rapper with the curly hair and face tattoos. He also rotates between a beard and mustache.

Well, Malone is also a road in the Hudson Valley, that's on a post. So "Malone Road" on a post. So when you think about it, Post Malone really was spotted in the Hudson Valley. So sorry if you thought it was the rapper!

April I right?

Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley

But seriously, Post Malone was spotted in the Hudson Valley, just a while back. On August 21, 2018, Post Malone's plane made an emergency landing at Stewart Airport. The rapper spent the day soaking up the Hudson Valley (aka getting pizza).

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