A controversial church that inspires members with hallucinogenic drugs is building a three-story temple just beyond this very normal looking driveway in Dutchess County.

The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors moved into a 40-acre lot in Wappingers Falls in 2008 after its founders, artist Alex and Allison Grey, relocated their art-based religious group from New York City.

The 501(c) registered non-profit religious group receives its inspiration from taking DMT, classified as the most potent psychedelic drug in the world. The congregation worships trippy artwork that fills the church's property just off Wheeler Hill Road in Wappingers.

Now the group is building their most ambitious project yet. The Entheon is a three-story temple currently that will eventually house artwork and other items to help discover "the Creator within."


The exterior of the temple has yet to be finished, but artist renderings show it to be a windowless building with huge bronze doors depicting images of Adam and Eve. Faces, snakes and a roof covered with eyeballs are just some of the trippy decorations expected to adorn the structure. The roof is inscribed with the church's own language comprised of 20 "unpronounceable letters."

Currently, $2.3 million in donations has been raised to build the temple. The church's website is seeking a total of $2.8 million to complete the project. The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors released this video showing the progress that's been made on their new temple.

Once the temple is complete visitors will be welcome inside to see the architecture, artwork and, of course, the soon-to-be-constructed gift shop.