A new report has classified the best and worst drivers across the U.S.

Allstate recently published the list of America's Best Driver's Report for 2019. This report determines the 200 largest cities in the U.S. that have the safest drivers. The safest city to drive in the U.S. may surprise you, as it did me. Brownsville, Texas was determined to be the safest city to drive for 2019. The top 5 consists of Brownsville, Boise, Huntsville, Kansas City, and Laredo.

Within New York State, 5 cities made the list. Now, this may seem like a good thing at first. However, the majority of the cities in New York that made the list didn't even break the top 100. According to the report, Syracuse is the safest major city in New York to drive in, coming in at number 85 nationwide.

The report determined that New York City is the 111th safest driving city across the U.S. Rochester was deemed the 116th safest driving city across the U.S. Yonkers, a city in the lower Hudson Valley in Westchester County, ranked as the 126th safest driving city in the U.S. Finally, Buffalo was named the 148th safest driving city in the U.S. Buffalo was the worst ranked in all of the cities in New York. So basically, that means  Buffalo has the worst-best drivers in New York State.

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