A movie theater in Orange County was the subject of a Slender Man joke.

News 12 Westchester reports that people at a Newburgh movie theater had a prank pulled on them based on a character in a new horror movie. Slender Man, a character who is dressed in all black with a blank white face that controls people's minds, is a new scary movie out in theaters. 2 boys apparently snuck into Mission Impossible, with one of them dressed as Slender Man.

The article says that two women left the theater terrified. Those same two women believe that management was part of the prank because they say they saw employees outside the theater giggling. According to News 12 Westchester, video footage allegedly shows management saying they told the boys to wait outside.

It's reported by News 12 Westchester that the National Amusement policy does not permit masks, face paint, weapons or any item that may make guests feel uncomfortable or detract from others enjoying their movie-going experience.