Computers have been stolen from SUNY New Paltz earlier this month. Mid Hudson News reports that SUNY New Paltz police are investigating the thefts of two stolen computers.

These computers were stolen from the Jacobsen Faculty Tower. One computer was a desktop owned by the college, the other was a laptop owned by a professor. The Jacobsen Tower is the tallest building on the New Paltz campus, at approximately 120 feet tall. Most professors have their offices in the building, as well as conference rooms and a cafe. Both students and professors have full access to the building.

Police Chief David Dugatkin said both devices were stolen at different times, but they are investigating a theory that the same person stole each computer. One was stolen roughly 4 weeks ago, the other about a week ago. The value of both devices is about $ 1,500.

The SUNY New Paltz police log lists the crimes as an ongoing investigation.