Everything you want to know about the Marist Silver Needle Runway can be found right here.

I had the pleasure of interviewing two students, Alexa and Ashley, from Marist who are helping put together the Marist Silver Needle Runway. They were much more fashionable than I was, and gave me the full scoop on the show, and let me know what to expect. Check it out!

This year, the theme is Digital Utopia. They couldn't tell me too much, because it's a big surprise, but they did tell me it is very technology driven. This is the biggest production at Marist and it is completely student-run. From what I was able to look at behind the scenes, I know this year's Silver Needle Fashion show will be outstanding.

The Silver Needle Runway is on May 4, with showings at 4 and 7 p.m, at the Mid Hudson Civic Center. You can purchase tickets through Ticketmaster. For more information, you can visit the show's website.