Here at Now 97.7, we like to remember birthdays.  Normally, we hold some party in the atrium with cake and sing Happy Birthday.  Being it's Dutchess County Fair week, the building is really empty.  It was hard to put together a birthday party with just two or three people.

That's why we put together the birthday party pack.  Just an assortment of items, that can be used on your birthday or not on your birthday.  Taylor got a bit of everything.

Each one of our stations in the building gave her a cool promotional item .  Some more did more, as Beth Christy, presented her with a Wolf koozie, key chain and a bag clip for another country station. They also gave her a plastic tumbler.

WPDH, gave her a shot glass, while WRRV threw in a Frisbee.

Then the Now staff, gave her birthday cotton candy, Happy Birthday milk chocolate and tootsie roll lollipops.

Taylor, Happy Birthday.