Thursday morning, September 13, it's the return of "The Five Thousand Dollar Workday Payday."  What would you do with your share of five thousand dollars?

Hopefully, you had a great summer and maybe there one too many vacations.  Too many bar visits.  Time to pay some of those bills from summer.

Has your car be giving you trouble? Might be time to put a good down payment on a new car.

Maybe it's time you really started saving some money.

There a ton of different directions to go when you win five thousand dollars.

Be listening to The New Now 97.7, weekdays at 9am, 1pm, and 3pm.  At those three times, we will announce the workday payday keyword.  Take that keyword and come here to our website or use the win cash button on the Now App.  Enter that keyword and you're entered to win cash, up to five thousand dollars.

The good news, is you can play as much as you want.  Think of your chances, if you play three a day for three weeks.

Good luck.