It's official because I said it is.

Thanksgiving Eve, a.k.a. the night before Thanksgiving, is one of the biggest party nights of the year. Especially in the younger demographics, people come back to their hometowns to be with family for Thanksgiving. The night before however, people go back to their hometown bars. I am definitely included in the group of people who go to the small town bar and spend the whole night interacting with people I haven't seen in forever. Think of it like going to a grocery store and seeing every single person you went to high school with, but you're all drunk.

Everyone seems to have the same Thanksgiving Eve experience. You always talk to people you don't want to, you have conversations you're not interested in, and you make false plans to hang out soon. I decided to make a drinking game out of it. After all, you're at a bar!

Let me put a full disclaimer out there that I, nor the station/company, promote binge drinking. Never drink and drive, always drink responsibly. Be safe and be smart. P.S. Uber is also offering free or discounted rides in the Hudson Valley on Thanksgiving Eve. 

Make sure to share this picture with all your friends if you decide to play.

Adobe Spark/Taylor Dickson

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