Everyone knows and most likely hates the DMV.

You know it, you've dealt with it, you've survived it: the Department of Motor Vehicles. Or, as us common folk like to say, the DMV. For all you 90s grunge enthusiasts, I'm sure the lyrics to the song 'DMV' by Primus make total sense, "I've been to hell, I spell it, I spell it DMV." Because the DMV is hell, it sucks, NO ONE enjoys it.

So you try to take the easy way out, and do things online. At least that's what I do. I had to change my address recently so I thought let me just avoid any human contact and do it all online to make it easy. The DMV, easy? HA, what a fool I was. I go to sign up for their online system and it tells me most people use their email as a username. Fantastic. I try that, and it tells me I already have an account with that information, but my username is some bizarre combination of letters and numbers. Whatever.

I try the usual passwords that I use for websites and none of them work, so like every other poor soul, I hit the "forgot password" option. I answer my security questions and it says click continue to reset password...it takes me back to the login screen. WHAT?!

After much trial and tribulation, I finally was able to change my address on the DMV website and order my new registration. But this is exactly why everyone hates the DMV: nothing is ever easy or goes as it should. Everything always takes 3 extra steps and the scenic route. It's miserable.

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