Q: I have heard good & bad things about vaping in the news… is it bad for you?
A. Vaping has been proven to be a much healthier alternative to smoking. The combustion in cigarettes is the most harmful factor. Vaping does not depend on the combustion of tobacco, automatically making it a healthier alternative.

Q. What do doctors and other health professionals say about this?
A. Obviously, they're not a huge proponent of smoking, but as an alternative to cigarettes, it’s the better way to go.

Q. Nicotine is bad for you, how does vaping help you stop inhaling nicotine?
A. We have witnessed so many of our vape clients ween themselves off of nicotine by starting out with a higher concentration of nicotine e-juice and gradually use less and less of a concentration of the nicotine until they are off nicotine completely.