Ulster County has announced three hazardous waste disposal days. The days are for residents only and not for businesses. According to the article in the New Paltz Times, residents are required to make an appointment. This can be done online.
Locations this year include:

  • April 14, 2018, and October 20, 2018 at the Ulster County Recovery Resource Center on Flatbush Avenue in Kingston.
  • July 21, 2018 at New York State DEC office on South Putt Corners Road in New Paltz

What will they be accepting:

Antifreeze, oil filters
Automotive cleaners & fluids
Bug /pest spray and mothballs
Fire extinguishers
Fluorescent bulbs
Fungicides and wood treating chemicals
Grease & rust solvents
Household cleaners
Insecticides, pesticides, bug sprays
Lead and oil-based paint
Mercury, thermostats, thermometers
Metal polishes
Mineral spirits, turpentine
Pharmaceutical waste
Photo chemicals
Poisons and corrosives
Pool chemicals
Rechargeable batteries
Upholstery & rug cleaners
Waste fuels
Weed killers, moth balls
Wood cleaners, polishes, waxes
Wood Stains, varnishes, sealants

There are items they will not be accepting:

Alkaline batteries
Empty containers
Etiological, pathological, or medical waste
Explosives, ammunition, or fireworks
Latex paint
Motor oil
Smoke detectors and radioactive materials
Waste in containers larger than 10 gallons