If you're dating someone around Halloween, you're pretty much required to have a couple's costume.

I LOVE Halloween costumes. But, I hate when they aren't executed right. Especially when it comes to couple's costumes. There are so many options out there! Something cheesy, something innovative, something classic, something witty: whatever it is, I like it.

For me, I like the witty/different side of Halloween costumes. I have nothing against the classic doctor/sexy nurse, but that's just not my style of costumes, ya know? I've done a scuba diving couple costume before and it was the most comfortable thing in the world: black shirt, black leggings, flip flops, and two two-liters of soda taped together as a backpack to be the 'air'. But for 2019, I'm struggling to think of an idea!

So far, for a couple's costume, I'm looking at White Goodman and Kate from Average Joe's. Love the idea, but part of me feels like I can do better. What are your ideas for couple's costumes this year? Comment below or on our Facebook to let us know.