I don't know why it's popping up, but it has me reminiscing like crazy.

A picture of an AOL Instant Messenger sign-in screen has been making the round on Facebook the past few days and I've been "LOL."

The post is just the AIM sign-in page. I can vividly remember sitting down at the computer, opening up the AIM window and screaming "Mom! Can I use AOL?!" I didn't want to tie up the phone line and get in trouble.

Anyway, it got me thinking. Do you remember your screen name? I remember 2 of mine, which is insane, but here we are.

iManIDoLFreAK424 (I was a big American Idol fan...)

JeTeRsGiRL (Also loved Derek Jeter.)

So, live in the embarrassment with me. Tell us your old screen name on Facebook.

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