If you've ever compared the price of women's products vs. men's products, you've most likely noticed a difference. That difference is what's known as the pink tax.

Newsweek reports that legislators in New York are trying to make that price difference illegal. Senate Bill S2679 aims to stop the issue of toys, clothing, or personal hygiene products being more expensive if marketed towards females.

A report by the New York State Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) found that on average, women's products cost 7% more than men's products. The report found that women pay 8& more than men for adult clothing and 13% more for personal care products. Personal care products include shampoo, razors, and deodorant.

Shelley Mayer, a Democrat, is one of the sponsors of the bill. The description of the bill is actually "prohibit the discriminatory practices relating to the cost of goods of a substantially similar or like kind" that is based only on gender. It's currently awaiting a vote from the Senate and is on the calendar, according to Newsweek.

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