Halloween, a.k.a. October 31, falls on a Thursday in 2019.

We all know the actual day of Halloween, October 31, is all about the kids. But for the adults, we have Hallo-weekend. Halloweekend if we're getting fancy. You know what I mean. It's the adult costume parties, the bar crawls, the big nights of going out on the town.

So when is it this year?! Typically, it's the weekend closest to Halloween. But in this scenario, that would mean it's the weekend of November 1 through November 2. There's nothing wrong with that, but I know that people go into instant Christmas mode once Halloween ends.

On the reverse, celebrating Halloweekend on the weekend prior, a.k.a. October 25 through October 26 feels a little premature. Then again...can't we just celebrate two Halloweekends? It's 2019, we can do what we want.

When are you celebrating Halloweekend this year? Comment below or on our Facebook to let us know.

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