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Be listening again this week to Taylor weekday afternoons during your ride home for more chances to win lottery tickets from the New York State Lottery.  She is giving you a chance to win Top Dog instant scratch off tickets.  Each ticket has a chance for you to win up to $25,000.  Taylor will have a whole bunch, a set of 25 tickets to win.  Wow, that could be a ton of money if you won.  A quick look at the math, you could win $625,000.

Taylor will tell you each afternoon when to text in and win.  She'll ask you to text the name of your top dog.  That doesn't have to be an actually dog, it could be your boyfriend or husband.  Make sure you have our text number, actually it's just our studio number.  845-454-9770.  Standard message rates and terms still apply.

Taylor will have a chance to win each day this week, so make sure to tune in between 3pm and 7pm.