Having you been following the guy drama on the Bachelorette? Becca is ready to choose her man and we are waiting for the finale.  The final espiode will be Monday night August 6.

Now 97.7 has partnered with Mahoney's Irish Pub and Steakhouse to host the Bachelorette Finale Viewing Party.  We'll have the show on the 23 screens at Mahoney's.  Hosted by our afternoon chic Taylor, we'll play games and give you a chance to win some cool prizes.

Sign up to be a VIP.  As a VIP, you'll get access to our special buffet and drink.  Plus you'll have a chance to win some great prizes.  Plus we'll have a chance to win Dua Lipa tickets.  Use our special form to sign up for VIP status.  Tell us how many ladies you want to be in your VIP party.  Good luck and we'll see who Becca picks.

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