Travel The World? Where do you begin? With a plan. It's that simple.
A plan to go to a place, a plan to save the money to do it, a plan once you get there. Here is where you start. There is an entire world out there and you should go out and see it. Here's how to start that plan.

Sunday Sept 28th at Locust Grove in Poughkeepsie. Noon to 4pm. It's free. Not going to cost you anything but some time on a Sunday when you weren't doing anything anyway.

At Locust Grove there will be "Travel Professionals" not websites who don't care anything about you, and have never been to where you are looking at going. But Professionals who can answer your questions, and tailor a vacation to YOU. Want to make sure that you are getting quality on your vacation.

Not sure where you want to go. Talk to these people. Tell them how much time you have, how much you want to spend, and if you would like adventure or relaxation or BOTH. Plus there will be informational sessions on Alaska, Italy, Cruises or Avalon.  You need to rsvp for these sessions, other wise, show up and let them be your guide. Email,